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An introduction to the practice of YOGA by Sharon George (RYT, RMT, IWCA, ICRT, Cert. Hyp.)

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a complete health and fitness programme. It is not a religion, more a way of life.

Yoga is a holistic system for creating inner and outer strength. It uses tools and techniques such as physical postures ( asanas), breathing techniques ( pranayama ), philosophy (Yamas/Niyamas) and meditation (dhyana ) to meet our lives with more harmony and joy.

Yoga originated in India 5,000 years ago. Yoga means ‘Union’ and joins mind, body, heart and soul. It has brought enjoyment to people & has joined communities together worldwide.

A Yoga Class


There are many different types of Yoga practised all over the world. Yet, all styles originate from Hatha. Sharon teaches Gentle, Hatha, Yin, Mindfulness, Power Yoga and for all ages, abilities and interests, men and women. Any injuries, medical conditions & health concerns are discussed before the session, so that modifications can be offered to you to effectively and safely adapt your yoga practice.

You can book Private group classes or private individual sessions for specific goals or simply to practice and enjoy the many benefits of regular Yoga. Prevention is an important component of health , just as much as maintaining and improving one’s total health. Yoga can be fun too.  Sharon offers many themed Yoga Sessions for occasions and events, retreats and wellbeing workshops. 

The appointments can be at days and times that suit you, inside or outdoors. The sessions can be an hour or 75 & 90 minutes. Payment is by bank or cash and 24 hours’ notice for cancellation is required. Please contact direct to Sharon for fee’s .

Avoid eating a heavy meal at least 1-1 ½ hours before class

Wear comfortable clothes to exercise in

Arrive 10 minutes before class so you can settle and speak to me before class to address any concerns 

Bring some water to drink

Mats and props can be provided for……Bring an open mind and a smile!


Benefits of Yoga


Stress Reduction

Many scientific studies conclude Yoga is effective in managing stress and anxiety. It can encourage a mindful state which empowers feelings of wellness, peace and inner calm. Relaxation is a vital element of good health. So is developing your spirituality.

Improved Fitness

Regular Yoga practice helps us to have healthy hearts, lungs and digestion. It can strengthen our immune system. You can gain physical strength, balance, flexibility, improved tone and stamina. Yoga training can be enjoyable and make you feel good.

Management of chronic conditions

Long term pain and depression can be lifted. Yoga can reduce health risk factors like high blood pressure & it will encourage healthy hearts.


Sharon’s Young at Heart, Healthy Ageing Programme


Inspirational gentle work outs for adults

The idea is to stay active and vibrant for as long as possible.

Let’s forget all the myths about ageing!

Sharon’s programme is designed to encourage ‘Retired people to Rejuvenate’  With life enhancing techniques, you can get positive about enjoying the future by embracing change.

She works on all area’s that can positively improve social, physical and mental wellness, with a wide variety of enjoyable gentle practices.

“Now is the time to take stock of where you’ve been in life, where you are now and where you are going. What you would really like to do now”?

So, Why not choose a new fitness goal or to do something different from anything you have done before? 

Sharon’s philosophy is:

You don’t have to be retiring just because you’re retired. It’s not too late to take control of your life. It’s not too late to take control of your health. It’s not too late to get started on something new and exciting.

You can get started on reinventing yourself with Sharon’s simple top tips

  • How to mature with greater wisdom

  • How to stand well

  • How to walk and move well

  • How to keep your balance

  • How to enjoy relaxing meditation

  • How to be more positive going forward

  • How to ditch negativity

  • How to follow your dreams


It’s not about focusing on what you might have lost, but about looking forward to what might be next in life and what you can easily do to have more fun and be happy.


Contact - Sharon George (RYT, RMT, IWCA, ICRT, Cert. Hyp.) for booking, fee and payment details. 24 hours cancellation notice is required. REFERRALS AWAYS APPRECIATED.


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