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Sharon helps people, both face-to-face and online, to understand through Clinically Applied Hypnotherapy sessions the root cause of a problem; the part of themselves that has learnt or acquired the problem and installs a new positive part of themselves that no longer has that problem.

As Dr Joe Dispenza says (New York Times best-selling author Researcher of epigenetics, quantum physics & neuroscience) “Neuroplasticity and the ability of the brain to change is proven and the astonishing power of repeated suggestibility to wire together and fire together new neural pathways, new thoughts, new beliefs, new ways of responding is where real

healing lays.” 


After the Hypnotherapy sessions, Sharon provides a recorded 21-day repeated suggestion therapy recording, that allows for permanent changes in the subconscious brain and can successfully transform your health and life. 

You absolutely can rewire your brain and recondition your body whatever age and however long you have had the problem.


If you are fed up with and frustrated by willing yourself to change or talking about how much you want to stop or change the problem, but can´t do it. Or, if you just can´t understand a behaviour and habit and wonder why you do it, Applied Hypnotherapy can help you make the positive changes you want in your life.


This is where it is important to understand it is not you, it is not a failing on your part. 

The brain is set up with a conscious and subconscious mind and all driving behaviours, triggers, habits and conditioning come from the ´´subconscious mind´´ and therefore it is extremely difficult to approach a problem with the logical ´´conscious mind´´. e.g., You know eating too much sugar is not good for you and you want to stop, but you find yourself automatically reaching for sugar and then feeling bad about yourself, that you can´t seem to stop. 

Solving problems effectively and effortlessly comes from accessing the ´subconscious mind´ and this is where, in particular, Marisa Peer’s award-winning Method of Applied Hypnotherapy excels. There are evidence-based successes of her method worldwide. Sharon is trained and certified in this successful method.


Remember, there are 2 functions of the brain and to make lasting changes in the brain it is the ‘subconscious mind’ that creates healthy and unhealthy habits, actions, reactions and behavioural problems. So, by accessing the ‘subconscious mind’ through relaxed Applied Hypnotherapy you can understand the part of you that behaves that way and you can install a new program of habits and actions and reactions that become a new part of you. Hypnotherapy can create positive and permanent change and this method of Hypnotherapy is successful and can work where other ways have failed. 


Sharon is trained, certified and insured as a Marisa Peer Hypnotherapist. (Cert. Hyp.)

All information is confidential and data protection guidelines are adhered to. 

You can book your sessions in person on the Costa del Sol, Spain or online through various video formats, and both choices will be at times that fit your schedule and in the comfort of your home.

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Some Facts/Myths About Hypnotherapy

1. The brain is always seeking pleasure; it will move you towards pleasure and away from pain. 
Emotion always wins over logic 

2. The brain learns and loves repetition 


3. The ´´subconscious mind ´´ part of the brain always does what it ´thinks you want it to do’ e.g. protect you, soothe you, make you feel better,- even if the habit or behaviour is unwanted and bad for you or others around you. 

Remember you are dealing with the subconscious mind not the logical conscious brain. Remember the iceberg picture on this page. 


4. “We make our beliefs and then our beliefs make us” (Marisa Peer)


5. “Imagination is more powerful than Knowledge” (Marisa Peer)


6. “Words are powerful and your mind is listening. The words we use and the pictures it makes in our heads and the feeling it produces creates our reality” (Marisa Peer)


7. You can´t be made to do or say anything you don´t want to in the state of Hypnosis.

8. You can´t become ‘stuck’ in a state of Hypnosis, you always have complete control of your mind.


9. If you truly, at the root of your being, want to change, you can, and therefore, you can be hypnotised. 

Anyone can be hypnotised if they are truly wanting to stop, change or transform their problem.  Hypnotherapy is considered successful, and evidence based by you living free of the problem.
Live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives. You deserve to be free of the problem and right away.
Hypnotherapy can permanently stop and eradicate an unwanted, unhealthy, behaviour, habit or way of thinking and reacting that is stopping you from being happier and healthier and more fulfilled in your life.

Applied Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic natural state of being, that we dip in and out of all day for example, driving, watching TV, zoning out, etc.

Applied Hypnotherapy helps you easily and effortlessly create the changes you want in your life and create permanent change.

Hypnotherapy can help with eating problems, for example, losing weight and eating disorders, stopping smoking, public speaking, confidence, physical pain, addictions, trauma recovery, discipline and focus, emotional negative behaviours and responses, grief, past lives and …………so much more.

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Live happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

Hypnotherapy Worked

"I highly recommend Sharon for Hypnotherapy as it worked. I had struggles with many feelings that I wanted to stop. I am now free of these struggles of low self esteem and anxiety. Thank you."

Ms I. Fitzgerald

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