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Sharon George originally trained as a professional ballet dancer in the UK and danced throughout Europe and at prestigious international venues including a performance for the late HRH Queen Elizabeth II. She moved from the ballet world to musical theatre in London’s ‘West End’ and The Royal Shakespeare Company to television, commercials, pop videos, voice-over work, fashion modelling and movies.

She then became certificated as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor in the UK, working in gyms, sports centres and for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as The Ship Shape Director.


Yoga and meditation have always been an integral part of her life since she was a dancer. And she continues to include a daily yoga and spiritual practice, which is her foundation to health and happiness, especially when life’s challenges occur. Sharon qualified through Yoga Alliance & The International Society of Vedic & Yogic Sciences to enable her skills to be passed on to clients and students. 


Sharon graduated from Career College Ottawa, where she lived for eighteen years, after studying full time in a Medical Programme including evaluating & implementing treatment plans consisting of physiotherapy/exercise/sports massage plus designing exercise & injury programmes. Currently, she has over 30 years’ experience in creating rehabilitation & exercise programmes to help clients and patients to optimum health & abilities. These programmes may include a combination of Yoga Therapy, Reiki healing and, more lately Hypnotherapy, for all ages and abilities and health concerns.

In addition, Sharon studied and attained her Reiki Master / Teacher and Karuna Reiki Master / Teacher certificates. She is a member of The International Centre of Reiki Training working in medical and hospital settings as well as with one to one clients in person and online. Animals also benefit with Reiki natural healing and Sharon loves working with both animals and humans and channelling helpful messages and guidance for their health and wellbeing. 


Sharon added to her Hypnotherapy qualification with the award-winning Marisa Peer programme of “Applied Hypnotherapy” which includes the powerful “Root Cause Therapy” certification. She is insured to practice in person and online. 


Hypnotherapy and root cause therapy provide another wellbeing service to people wherever they live to easily and effortlessly make specific changes to their habits, their behaviours and ways of thinking. Negative, unhealthy and harmful reactions in a person’s life can be overturned and provide the permanent changes to bring about a happier, more healthy and stress-free life.


​​The Costa del Sol region of Andalucia, Spain provides a wonderful base for Sharon to be of genuine service to others and offer any and all her wellbeing services. With the advent of technological advances in communications, Sharon´s wellbeing services are available face-to-face & through various media online – a whole new world is now open to everyone.

With gratitude for opportunities to serve and wishing you happiness, health and a fulfilled life.

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