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Natural Healing Treatments NHT

What are Natural Healing Treatments called NHT?

Over the past 20 years of experience as a Reiki Master Practitioner and Karuna Reiki Master Healer, which is a more advanced form of healing; the ability to channel informative, sometimes transformative answers, action steps, information and guidance spiritually and practically for all areas of your life, has come through me. 


Clients benefit in any and all areas of their lives.

These natural healing treatments are more in depth and rather than an hour of pure Reiki Healing, these sessions are anywhere between 90 minutes to 2 hours including the channelled messages.


These natural treatments are in person in Spain or remotely via various video formats live or with a photograph which can be sent.

In person Sharon comes to your home, location and you can lay down on her table comfortably and receive either the Reiki Healing or The Natural Healing Treatments (NHT) which include channelled messages and information to any questions you seek.


Remotely Sharon either books appointment online in various video formats like Zoom, skype, FB video, Whatsapp video at times that suit you and time distances that suit, so you can receive live healing treatments and the messages are given and in e-mail as a helpful record.

Remotely also for anywhere in the world you or someone else can receive the benefit from Reiki or The Natural Healing Treatments (NHT). You also have the option to send a photograph and this also is effective and beneficial as distance has no boundaries and works just as well as in person.

It is so easy to book Sharon and find out for yourself how this new form of healing can benefit men and women, all ages and for any reason to do with your life. Babies benefit, pregnant ladies, end of life and everyone in between including animals. Sharon has helped many animals by knowing what is wrong or helping them psychologically and emotionally also with end of life too.

Quite simply there is nothing that Energy Healing in person , remotely whether human or animal can´t help. There are no contraindications. More and more around the world people are seeking out reputable healers to naturally help , support, guide and lead to positive changes and transformational healing, learning and growth.

This is important not only for individuals, but because we effect each other, our families, loved ones, colleagues, communities and the world.

Energy is real. Distance Healing works. Animals love Healing. Children, adults and the elderly can find healing, a broad term to encompass all aspects of living a full joyful happy healthy fulfilled life with wisdom, kindness, compassion, love and forgiveness and living ones truth of who you really are.

Sharon loves offering Natural Healing Energy work to you

Contact her to book. Spain 34 649 60 60 53

Referrals are very much appreciated. Gift certificates are available

Contact her also through e-mail. Whatsapp. Instagram , LinkedIn and Facebook


Animals also benefit from Reiki and Natural Healing Treatments (NHT) in person or by long distance or by photo.

Many people around the world are clients that love the ease, timely way that you can receive healing with the add on and  bonus of these channelled messages specific for you

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